Mysterygoogle Ads

You may have stumbled across mysterygoogle. If not, a (very) short introduction is needed:

mysterygoogle is the newest addition to the universe of fortune tellers. You type in a question and you get a very delphi-esque answer. Say for example you ask „Will I pass the exam tomorow?“ you may get the answere  „but it\’s pasttttt lunchtime“. (I actually got that!) This answer is but the very last google-query before you entered the realm of mysterygoogle.

By accident the first result I got, was the following:

Now, your assignment as a mysterygoogle secret agent is to copy and paste this, until you see this again. Once you see it again, you will be promoted to Secret Agent Pelini. Make us proud

So I quickly created a iMacros-script doing just that. At the same time I realized that this is a perfect opportunity for underground (viral) advertising. By adding a link to the message you will maximize exposure. Of course this will only work for a very short time and after a while this technique will be used by spammers effectively showing „real“ advertisers out.

So: Your next mission as a mysterygoogle secret agent: copypaste this untill you see this message again!

(The link is actually a link to this article)

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  1. of yourse you can extend your ads life expectancy by creating a iMacros loop and let it run for a couple of days…but who (except spammers) would want to do that?

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