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I am sorry for being so aggressive and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this is probably the most stupid article I ever read on! Misusing words for the sound if it (yes, there is a very strict definition of the term cyberwar!), and not bothering to read the original announcement made by Googles David Drummond should be an absolute no-go in journalism!

This morning I drafted an article called „Why Google pulling out of China could be a bad thing“ but the recent hysteria about Googles so called „change in opinion“ made me reconsider this project. First it is imperative to unmask some of the most striking and naive myths:

Myth #1: Google accuses China of attacking its infrastructure

No! Simply no! When reading Drummonds statement you will not find any single sentence even implying it. While some analysts drew that connection and knowledge of the Chinese Internet- and Hacker-Culture does support this theory, Google themselves didn’t even hint it!

Myth #2: Google will pull out of China AND Myth #3: Google will stop filtering its search results

It is true that Google threatens to do either but only the most naive reader would take that as granted. (See ‚Why is Google doing it then?!)

Myth #4: It is „do no evil“ again

Many commenters seem to think Google is ‚doing‘ (see Myth #2 and #3) this out of altruistic motives. This is – at best – wishful thinking! It is possible that Google really is switching sides, that Google now is concerned about human rights. But if they did why did it take a targeted attack by Chinese Underground Hacker Groups?!
For a moment I was seriously considering putting the last part in capitals because ‚targeted attack‘ needs to be stressed, and Underground Hacker Groups needed to be stressed even more for neither make ANY sense whatsoever!

Myth #5: This will finally change something

My only question is: How? Even if the Google had stopped filtering its search results prior to the announcement it is unsure wetter any subversive information would have made it past Golden Shields own filtering technologies (that probably are far more advanced that whatever Google put together in the last 4 years). Following Chinas Golden Shield, Cyber Brigades, monitoring technology and cyber activism rather closely for the last two and a half years I honestly doubt it. And now, after Chinese censors have been warned, Google wont be able to apply its information-supertank.

So why does Google do it then?!

Basically I can see three possible reasons the first one being the most optimistic:

Constructing and maintaining internal filtering and defending against constant attacks simply has become too expensive so they decided to make the best out of it: By pulling a marketing coup that, as we can clearly see by the reaction, is very successful. Even though that is a fact, I doubt it that Google really can’t afford it anymore. Especially since Chinas internetmarket is now the biggest of the world – and still growing.

The other too reasons were part of my original draft:

This announcement could very well be the equivalent to western diplomats boycotting Israels inauguration party. Google tries to foster a new deal with the Cinese government. Reports suggest that Chinas administration uses Baidu solely, maybe thats what it’s all about.

Most probably Google is partnering up with the US government (that is rather pissed at attacks on its infrastructure by Chinese Hacker Groups). America alone could not dare to engange China because it is too involved with Chinese economy so by partnering up with Google (and as a result of the announcement and international interests with other countries) America doubles its powers. What is in it for Google? Maybe they are hoping to force China to increase Googles market share.

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