Coffee ShopYou might have heard of coworking or workatjelly. Fact is the ways we work are changing. Be it the increase of self-employment, a culture of road warriors or companies like 37signals. As a student I often observe business meetings or working sessions in my local coffee shop. So what I am going to propose is actually already happening.

Why work in a coffee shop? - coworking

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Especially if you are self-employed maintaining an office can be hard. So you probably end up working at home. Two problems: There is almost no separation between life and work. And you lack company.

As the shirt on the left states: „Working alone sucks!“ Bigtime. So eventually you end up going to a coffee shop to have at least the impression of social interaction.

The problem with coffee shops

Even though you now have a clear separation between work and life you are still working alone. The chatter might cheer you up, you might thank Catherine the waitress but that’s it. Plus: A coffee shop is not really suitable for working – unless your name is Thomas Bernhard.


Welcome at kelly’s! work@kelly’s is a coffe shop you can work in.

Thomas Bernhard

Thomas Bernhard

And that doesn’t just include a working internet connection! Depending on the need of the customers there could be larger tables, a separated conference area, printers, <continue the list as you which>. To get an impression on how the atmosphere could be like check out this video from workatjelly or this introduction to coworking.

So work@kelly’s could be described as coworking + workatjelly + coffee shop. It is every day, there is infrastructure, it is totally open to anyone PLUS there is loads of coffee! ;)

Question is: How do you make money offering such a service? I am no business man so I can only take guesses. I think both community/customers and shop owner would profit from some kind of open membership system. Since sitting in a coffee shop all day is known to be expensive you can become a member paying a monthly fee (similar to a rent). For those who only work at kelly’s a few times a month normal coffee prices apply.

I also think work@kelly’s could also apply to the casual customer. Because of the communicative atmosphere „normal“ customers will enjoy drinking their daily coffee at work@kelly’s raising revenue.

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