The 101st time…

Yet another recollection from Sofia. Remember Ace, the guy who said, Bulgarian people lost the courage to make their environment pretty? He told me something really inspiring that, for some reason, gave me the goose bumps.

Park benches in Central Park

by DeaPeaJay

Ace wants to visit Denmark because of one single man, one single story (I hope I am not mistaken here). At the time he and a friend were thinking about renovating the benches in a park nearby. Problem was they knew someone would (re-)break them in a matter of days. So the Danish guy says, „Well, then you fix it again!“ The obvious answer was „Then they’ll break it again.“ But instead of capitulating, the Danish repeats „Then you fix it again!“ And of course it goes on like that for a while until he says: „You fix it again, a hundred times, and by the hundredandfirst time they will start asking themselves ‚Why is HE doing this?'“ <moment of goose bumps!>

It is such a simple idea, and a story we probably heard a dozens of times – but I still think of it as one of the most inspiring and game changing ideas I ever heard. And Ace told it with such an enthusiasm that for some reason I now want to visit Denmark.

  1. Applause! Applause! I’ll need some time to read the „Sofia, Bulgarien“ from 02/23 though…. ;)

    • if you want to, I can translate it for you. ;) it’s not a particulary well drafted article though. probably it will be of more use if we continue to talk about it when you visit vienna!

  1. 22. März 2010

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