Your host, Merton Ace

A couple of days back I stumbled across a video that got me enchanted from the very first minute. I have been watching it ever since:

[Update: The video was removed because certain people disiked their faces shown publicly. So this is a blurred version. Udape #2: here you can find an uncensored version]

What I find so fascinating about this video, are the reactions to Merton’s sudden Impro Piano Show. I myself have been on Chatroulette twice and found it incredibly boring and tiring. If you look at the participant’s faces in this video you will see exactly this boredom. Chatroulette is an absurd service reflecting though never fulfilling the needs of an absurd society. But here we have someone who actually engages with people and uses this medium in a new, unanticipated way. It is not just the quality of his performance (though my friend mgn5 might say he is at times blocking, something frowned upon in the impro community) but the dualism of surprise and Mertons responsiveness to situation his partners are in. In fact it reminds me of the story I told in 101st time…. Both use common media in an almost stubborn but uncharted way to remind us of what it means to live in a community of human beings.

Update #3: Merton posted a second video. You can watch it below:


Ben Folds + Chatroulette = homage to Merton

  1. mgn5 answered on facebook (as planned ;):
    „Er zeigt vor wie schön das Zugehen und Hinschauen sein kann, denn jeder Mensch freut sich darüber beachtet und eingebunden zu werden.“

    engl. ~ „He demonstrates how nice [beautiful] it can be to reach out to somebody, since everyone is delighted to be noticed and integrated.“

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