#ArticleFriday 02/04

In case you were wondering what happened to #ArticleFriday: It has become to time consuming too create a list of read articles every single week. But since I like the concept behind #ArticleFriday I decided to reduce the frequency of my posts to once a month. I figured the first friday of a month would be perfect to showcase some of the most inspiring, shocking and/or well written articles I read the month before. For the complete package you still have to follow me on Google Reader! So here we go:

5 reasons why your company should be distributed

Most of my friends know that I am absolutely crazy about new concepts of people working together. From work@jelly, to co-working and 37signals ignorance towards timekeeping – I simply love it! Most of my friends also know that I am crazy about Open Source and Open Source Community. And finally: Most of my friends know that I am crazy about WordPress. In this post Toni Schneider, CEO of the company behind WordPress, explaines the benefits of having employees all over the world – especially for ’small‘ businesses. (Trivia: His WordPress Theme is P2!)

Über die BundespräsidentInnenwahl, von einer, die nicht wählen darf

Digiom wirft einen Blick in die politische Landschaft Österreichs und bleibt ernüchtert. Neben zwei unwählbaren KandidatInnen und einem Fischer, der nicht viel mehr als ein Repräsentant ist, wünscht sie sich einen unangenehmen Präsidenten, einen Köhler.

All the classroom’s a stage

This seems to be like a nice (and helpful) British initiative. Instead of simply reading Shakespear students bring his plays to live re-enacting and finally understanding them.

The coming of Gaga-ism

Finally I am going to admit it: I am a secret Fan of Lady Gaga. Her music is uninspired, her lyrics are plain stupid but her tune is too catchy for that to matter much. Plus: I am totally fascinated by her performances – both on screen and stage. And ever since I found this simply stunning equation „(RAH)² (AH)³+ RO (MA + MAMA) + (GA)² + OOH(LA)² = Bad Romance“ – dubbed the GaGa Equation – I can’t get that song out of my head. But what is even more interesting (at least from my perspective) is the reaction she causes. So to whoever hates her, or is as fascinated as I am: This is for you!

The world is an internet forum

Trolls, trolls, trolls. Here was I thinking they were stuck on Youtube and 4chan. And there was Colin Horgan telling a story about how they escape the dungeons of the internet and are soon going to invade the real world. Of course his theory is based on a dangerous assumption: That people can’t distinguish between online and offline. Still I think that his story is worth reading, no matter whether you belive it to be true – because that’s not why we read stories, is it?

Lunch with China’s Mo Yan

„One of the biggest problems in literature is the lack of subtlety“, says author Mo Yan. I really don’t like sentences like that because they seem to be telling you how literature should be like. Both as a literary critic and a pseudo-auther I know the beauty of subtlety. I love Dostoyevsky. But I also love Camus who probalby is one of the most straight-forward authors I know. This article focuses on one author’s connection to a town, how he creates images and (unfortunately) how he evades the censors.

Auch nicht schlecht:

WordPress Founder: Open Source Is About People, Not Technology

Gabon’s green ambition for Africa

Our sex lives. Their agenda

The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open and Social Media-Savvy

Die dunkle Vergangenheit des Mark Zuckerberg

New Google Tool Visualizes Public Data in Animated Charts

My cyberspace bill of rights

and finally:

Renny Gleeson about: shared narrative, identity, availability, technology, humanity

  1. Thanks for the articles especially the one from 37signals! Just finished reading the new book „Rework“ from them and I think they have a good approach when it comes to working and doing business!

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