Die Geister, die ich rief…

By accident I stumbled across this amazing picture.
Shadow by forgottenxIt so happens that I briefly know a photographer who shot a very similar picture seen below (you defenitely have to check out his other works too!) :

heart by ganto

I am not sure what the two photographers wanted to tell us or if at all. Especially the seconde one I find incredibly inspiring for some reason – maybe because it reminds me of You say Party! We say Die!: Monster, one of my favourite songs of all times. While the second photo is more emotional, the first deems me the more philosophical of the two. For me (!) it expresses perfectly the feeling behind one line of German author W. J. v. Goethe: „Die Geister, die ich rief / werd ich nun nicht los“ (~ „the ghosts I called / I know can not quit“). By men’s own creation we – limb and unconciouss – are moved. So, to rephrase Goethe,: „The shadows that I called, befall now me“

  1. awesome pictures indeed!

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