Crazy Impro Cooking

Zuchini Linguini

by Ami.Sanyal

I did this once and it was amazing. So I want to share this idea with you.

Whom is this for?

It’s Saturday evening, your fridge is empty and you know you have to eat *something* the following day? Or are you sick of eating the same dishes week in week out? Maybe you are single and can’t really afford, buying kilos of potatoes and let them rott away because you can’t eat them quickly enough? Read on!

The Idea

It is perfectly simple: All you have to do, is call some friends, tell them to bring whatever they have left at home and cook it together – impro style. There is no more than that.

Of course you have to make sure that you’ll have some basic ingredients and of course you have to make sure not everyone brings tomatoes but that is self-evident. And the later you start inviting people (and the less you organise) the funnier the cooking will be, since people cannot talk to each other what they’ll be bringing. This forces you to be more creative both in your dishes and in your general cooking style.

Second part

In a couple of weeks I’ll post a second idea for you starved urban beings.

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