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How to secure Sudo

e all know working as admin-user (or root) is a bad thing. But sometimes we simply want to do stuff only an admin is allowed to do. Changing the account everytime that happens is not an option. Fortunately every UNIX-System (including Mac OS) offers some options. But there’s a great quarrel which option is the most secure: there are „su“ and „sudo“. Weiterlesen


Hello? Democracy’s calling! (Update)


As of today the GSM encryption code is officially cracked. Well-known German security expert Karsten Nohl announced today that his open source A5/1 Cracking Project has finally computed all the necesarry rainbow tables (PDF, 926 KB) needed to crack any GSM-device. While the GSM Association claimes it still would be difficult to listen in on actual calls, security experts disagree.

But what does this mean in plain english? Basically: From now on any well-fundet organisation (criminal or governmental) can listen in on your personal mobile phone calls quite easily. This is all the more reason to push the developenent of a more distributed mobile phone network. Traditional phone networks can not handle the extra traffic large scale real encryption would produce. But with the computing power of a 600MHz iPhone or Droid/Milestone or a 1GHz Nexus One and the potency of the internet using PGP encrypted SIP telephoning could be easily done! (SIP is one of the most versatile VoIP-Standards and PGP, the acronym for Pretty Good Privacy, a very strong open source encryption software/algorithm)

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Hello? Democracys calling!

Mondi leggeri

via .chourmo.

Recently I had a pretty interesting Facebook-Chat with Valentin Eisendle about the possibilities of a democratic telecommunication-system.  Rumor has it apple is going to include RFID-chips in future versions of the popular iPhone. While Leander Kahney over at Cult of Mac seems to be extremely thrilled about this, it really is a reason for major concern. It’s not just that RFID is extremely unsafe (see here, here, or here), it also raises serious privacy concerns, e.g.: Every single move can be tracked even with GPS and network turned of. And with RFID becoming your main ID, it being hacked could give a hacker access to your wallet, your health details and everything else you want to keep safe from the world.

Something like that could not happen with hardware like openmokos Neo 1973, a completely open sourced mobile phone. This way it would also be possible to develop and deploy a democratic telecommunication-system.

What do we mean by democratic telecommunication? Weiterlesen

Take Care! Surveillance!

Don’t open any E-Mail attached PDF-Documents! Especially, if they appear to be sent to you by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). Most propably that’s not the real orgin! As reported by F-secure, the PDF document drops a file called winkey.exe to C:\Program Files\Update\ and later executes it. Despite the fact, that it is placed under „Updates“, it is not something you would want to have on your PC for it is a keylogger. Well…that’s nothing new – thousends of infected mails drop by at every mail provider – this one though is a specielity: Weiterlesen

Expression against repression

The reason I’m writing this in English is, that the ones, who would really need this, usually don’t speak Deutsch. Having read an article at about China blocking YouTube, so chinese people wouldn’t see what’s happening inside Tibet, I investigated a bit further and found this and this. Both articles are worth reading! Anyhow: The second one I about anonymous blogging/communication, so I decided to write my own short guide, to express yourself via internet while being censored: